• Scope of Work:
    UI design, interaction design, visual design
  • Client:

Basia was hired by WeejeeLearning to deliver user interface, interaction, and visual design for a graffiti theme that would serve as a template for a new hire training e-learning solution.

Based on the wireframes provided by the senior instructional designer at Weejee, Kim Cada, Basia designed nine screens and their various interactive states. The projected audience for the finished e-learning product were the Millenials entering the workforce. The graffiti theme was introduced by using the Zit Graffiti typeface against the backdrop of a brick wall, and reinforced through a selection of bright hues and splashes of color imitating thick brush strokes and spray paint.

User interface elements—the screen navigation icons—were selected for their hand-drawn character. Screens that required user interaction were shown in states corresponding to the various anticipated actions taken by the hypothetical user.

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