Town of Esopus Library

  • Scope of Work:
    Content architecture, photography, brochure concept and design, inserts concept and design, production design
  • Client:
    Town of Esopus Library

A small library in the Town of Esopus intended to have a brochure designed and printed to address three fundamental needs: to raise awareness about the library’s initiatives and activities enriching the community, to provide a way for small donors to make contributions according to their means, and to allow more able donors to take advantage of planned giving opportunities.

The work included helping the Client simplify and organize content between a trifold brochure to hold the content describing the library’s activities, and two inserts—for small donations and for planned giving pledges.

The project involved photography (to convey the idea of growth, Basia took spring-time photographs of a tree and its foliage), and concept and production design of the brochure and inserts.

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