SUDDS Off-Canvas Menu

  • Scope of Work:
    UX/UI design, HTML/CSS prototype, visual design
  • Client:
    In-house at SUDDS, NCSU

Designed and built as a complex web application with its target devices ranging from tablets and to desktop computers, the SUDDS learning map required a global navigation that would accommodate a potentially growing number of pages, while remaining an unobtrusive yet well integrated user interface (UI) pattern. After careful consideration, weighing pros and cons of its implementation, Basia suggested off-canvas menu. The off-canvas menu is accessed through a hamburger menu icon, a UI element that has been stirring some controversy in design community due to usability problems it may present. However even critics of this UI solution recognize that in repetitive-use applications in which users are trained to recognized UI patterns, off-canvas and hamburger menu still constitute a viable and effective approach. For this design phase of the learning map, Basia delivered UI and visual design, followed by a HTML/CSS interactive prototype.

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