SUDDS Branding

  • Scope of Work:
    Visual identity, logo design, deliverables for print and web
  • Client:
    In-house at SUDDS, NCSU

SUDDS (Scaling Up Digital Design Studies), a newly formed research group at NC State University College of Education, which Basia joined in the capacity of UX/UI and visual designer, was in need of visual identity and branding. The color palette had been selected previously. Basia was tasked with logo and website design, and with file preparation for print production of a vinyl logo and lettering.

In designing the logo Basia sought to convey the group’s contemporary, bold, and forward-looking approach to educational design, hence setting the acronym of the group’s name in strong and impactful Azo Sans typeface. To further emphasize the progressive character of the group, Basia introduced a modification of letter “S” to create a diagonal movement that travels from left to right and bottom to top to meet the angled front of the graphic’s baseline.

The graphic element of the logo speaks to agile methodology practiced by the group, and the idea of scaling up and moving forward the digital design studies in education.

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