NY Spine & Wellness

  • Scope of Work:
    Branding: logo design, responsive WordPress website setup, business card design, rack card design, signage design
  • Client:
    NY Spine & Wellness

A chiropractic office required rebranding and a contemporary, unified design corresponding to the interior design of the office.

A dark yellow / brown color scheme was employed and a new logotype was designed. The service also included customization of a responsive WordPress theme Skinizer, and a business and rack cards designed  to unify the company’s image across media. The website project included photography and video production.

For the logotype Optima typeface was selected the for its graceful elegance that conveys friendliness and trust, and its roundness that speaks to wellness and confidence. The horizontal orientation of the logotype was balanced with vertical emphasis on letters “p” and “l”, suggesting the idea of core stability such as that resulting from a healthy spine.

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