Note in the Pocket

  • Scope of Work:
    Visual re-design of the home page, content strategy and architecture for the home page, CSS prototyping, selected digital assets design and optimization for web
  • Client:
    Note in the Pocket
  • Project URL:

Note in the Pocket needed help with visual redesign plus content strategy and architecture for its website’s home page. The home page did not sufficiently convey the serious character of the organization and did not fully utilize content hierarchy that would guide website visitors to take action.

Basia suggested redesigning the website’s header area to reveal the logo image in its entirety; to set the website’s title and the tag line in rich text for search engine optimization; and to place the contact information in a prominent and visible spot on the page. She also suggested replacing cartoon graphics with a series of modules rendered in shades of blue, a calming color that conveys a sense of confidence and reliability. To highlight content elements that invited website visitors to take action, anchor text and the donation button where set in red. The modules featuring the current fundraising initiative, the mission statement, and calls to action were placed on the page above the fold.

Work included visual design, a Photoshop high fidelity static prototype of the home page, CSS prototyping of static page elements in WordPress environment, and CSS interactivity prototyping for links and the donation button.

The development of the website was handled by Neil Harding.

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