Note in the Pocket

  • Scope of Work:
    Photographic image research and selection, statistical information research, content compilation, flyer visual design, production design
  • Client:
    Note in the Pocket
  • Client's Experience:
    "Basia, everything you touch is magic."

To support its charitable activities, Note in the Pocket required design and production of an informative flyer to engage potential donors and to raise awareness about the organization’s ongoing operations.

Due to printing budget constrains, the collateral had to be designed in a small format. The challenge was to design a small piece for print that would make an impact with an emotionally compelling image and a citation of relevant statistics, while providing a brief description of the organization itself and information on how to get involved.

Service included research and selection of an emotionally impactful photo; research of statistical information pertaining to poverty in Wake County; selection and compilation of content based on the existing copy found on the organization’s website; and design (concept and production) of the flyer.

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