AIGA Centennial Posters

  • Scope of Work:
    Research, concept, design
  • Client:
    AIGA Raleigh

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), AIGA Raleigh invited designers to create posters inspired by events that took place in the Triangle region over the past ten decades. Participating designers were asked to select a decade of interest and to submit work focused on an event of that decade.

Basia selected events from two decades as the themes for her posters.

The poster depicting an event from April 1931, when Raleigh became a refueling and rest stop for passenger flights traveling from New York to Miami, alludes in style to visual vocabulary of the decade with round slab-serif typeface and a monochromatic, print-like aesthetic.

The poster depicting the completion and opening of Durham Athletic Park in 1939 hints at the decade’s increasing presence of photography and sans serif typefaces in commercial art; and the commonly used color red. The piece is designed to look old worn out by the time that has passed.

For a more personal account of the work on one of the posters, please see Basia’s blog article, An Oxymoron.

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